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Flagpole Restringing

Restrings (Flagpoles) From time to time, the rope will break and/or wear down on a flagpole and therefore it must be replaced with new rope or cable. This is natural and recommended that it be done every 3 to 5 years depending on the type of flagpole.

Our steeplejacks make it convenient for your flagpole restringing needs. Our climbers simply, but professionally, restring flagpoles using the best quality rope or cable that the flagpole requires. Since our steeplejacks climb the flagpole, they do not need to drive a truck or crane up to the flagpole, thereby inconveniencing the customer; instead they use their climbing gear and up they go. We have the capability to restring various types of flagpoles:

  • Fiberglass Flagpoles
  • Aluminum Flagpoles
  • Steel Flagpoles
  • Wood Flagpoles
  • Homesteader Flagpoles
  • Outrigger Flagpoles
  • Vertical Wall Mounted Flagpoles
  • Telescoping Flagpoles
  • Ground Set Flagpoles
  • Hinge-based Flagpoles
  • Yard-armed Flagpoles
  • Gaffed Flagpoles

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