San Diego Flagpole Company
Fundraising Programs

Seeing your neighborhood awash in flags stirs both patriotism and community pride. You can create that feeling in your neighborhood, and at the same time, earn money for your organization. Let Colonial Flag show you how.

San Diego Flagpole Company provides U.S. Flag Fundraising Kits to your organization for a discounted price. You and your volunteers place these flags at participating homes and businesses on each flag holiday throughout the year.

Each Flag Kit includes:

• 7.5’ sturdy white flagpole with gold vinyl ball
• 3’ x 5’ poly-cotton U.S. flag
• Epoxy-coated rebar post
• Flag attachment hardware

- Storage tube is $10 with each purchase of 10 flag kits.
- Installation drivers available for $30 each.

This program will be one of your favorite and most effective fundraisers. We attribute its tremendous success to four factors:

It is very easy to sell:
This is a convenient and inexpensive way for members of your community to show their patriotism and support your organization at the same time! They often want to help local organizations, but rarely want to buy overpriced candy or wrapping paper. Plus, each holiday
becomes a sales tool, as neighbors see flags at other homes and want to participate. Quick sales drives can be held before each flag holiday to increase participation.

It is easy to implement:
Colonial Flag provides all the products and support you need right when you need them.

It’s patriotic:
Community members will appreciate seeing the dramatic display you create in your neighborhood on each flag
holiday. It is also an excellent way to teach patriotism and respect for the flag to your organization’s members.

It has incredible profit:
You can decide how much to charge for this service. Most organizations charge around $30.00 per home/business. You will double your money the first year, and keep 100% of your proceeds for years to come.