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     Welcome to the San Diego Flagpole Company website - we are industry leaders in flagpole sales,  r
epair, installation and servicing. We provide a wide range of merchandise from flagpoles and state flags to garden and decorative flags. Service is our trademark. 

     We are one of only a handful of steeplejacks nationwide who climb flagpoles in order to repair and paint them.

     With rapid growth and expansion, San Diego Flagpole Company continues to excel in flagpole sales and repairs. Our flag sales have grown tremendously. We would like to thank you, the customer, for all of your continued support and patience in the advancement of our company. We will be opening up a new store on our website to better serve you. Please, until then, call us to place orders or ask questions.

     We have worked on a lot of flagpoles in San Diego. Our mission is to make it to where ever single flagpole in San Diego has a flag on it. We also sell flags and have flagpole maintenance plans to help automate your business and keep expenses low.  Thanks for choosing us to help you with all your flagpole needs and services. Check out the video below to see some of the flagpoles that we have serviced around San Diego.